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A journey through what is around us, to discover what it could be.

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Capitalism - that's just like freedom, isn't it? But now imagine to wake up and capitalism is over. What has changed? Is our world a little better? What does it mean for the economy? Would we still work? And who takes decisions in the societies we live in? Let's discover it together. It is a journey through what is around us - to discover what it could be.

  • There is no alternative.

    — Magaret Thatcher —
  • There are thousands of alternatives.

    — Susan George —


What does the media say about the museum of capitalism?


  • We`re on vacation..

    March 29,2018

    We're on a little vacation and closed until April, 4th. Enjoy your easter holidays!

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  • Address

    February 28,2018

    Our Opening Hours: Wed & Thur: 4pm - 8pm Sun: 2pm - 8pm Tours for groups and schools also possible outside of opening hours.

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  • Museum of Capitalism – Opening

    Capitalism into a Museum!

    February 15,2018

    Finally guys!, we’re back and our news is the bomb! :) We’re so excited! On February 23rd, it’s happening. We’ll open the world's first (permanent...

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  • Our new Exhibition! – The Museum of Capitalism in Hamburg

    June 06,2017

    Head to Hamburg, folks! Together with friends from the Kollektiv für Alternativen we will be guest in the Affenfaust Gallery in St. Pauli. From 1st...

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  • Kotti Memory – The MOC at the book night in Kreuzberg

    May 19,2017

    Sometimes we are so busy that we almost completely forget to tell you what we’re doing. Tomorrow, for example, we are part of the Lange Buchnacht – a...

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  • Education, empowerment, and institutions from below

    March 05,2017

    Capitalism belongs in a museum! Three projects from Berlin, Brussels and Oakland attend to put it there and discuss the political and social role of...

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  • Our first brochure is there!

    November 17,2016

    In the last few weeks we have been working to describe our exhibits and the methods behind them. We designed our first brochure, which not only works...

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  • We have a brand new project room!

    July 11,2016

    In a narrowing environment for political space, the museum of capitalism nevertheless announces the opening of it’s first project room. Upcoming...

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  • The exhibition comes to an end - we celebrate anyway!

    October 23,2015

    Capitalism goes into winter sleep, at least the one in the museum. This year's exhibition, a milestone on the way to a permanent museum is slowly...

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  • A book reading event...

    October 09,2015

    Dear visitors, today we will read and discuss in our museum. Due to construction work on the event, therefore, the regular exhibition will be closed...

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  • Long Nights of Museums 2015

    August 26,2015

    In the course of this years Long Night of Museums on Saturday, August, 29th 2015, there will be a long night in our museum too. Beginning at 8pm we...

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  • We have to pay the rent - your donations are helping!

    August 18,2015

    Dear all, as you already know, we were fortunate to extend this year's exhibition. We are thrilled! Yippie! The new school year begins and we can...

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  • Programmer wanted!

    August 12,2015

    Who one of you can help us with his time and his skills in programming an exhibit?? In our exhibition, an exhibit called "Time Tracking" is planned....

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  • A get together for our neighbors

    August 07,2015

    Tomorrow there will be a small neighborhood get together for our neighbors at Böhmischer Platz in the museum! We'd like to invite you for coffee and...

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  • New Opening Hours!

    August 07,2015

    Right now, Berlin runs a fever and if you want to cool down, come and visit! Our exhibition goes into prolongation and from this week on, we have new...

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  • Exhibiton prolonged

    July 16,2015

    We are happy to announce that we can prolonge the exhibition until 1st November, 2015. More infos follow soon. We are excited for the next three...

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  • Changing opening hours on the weekend

    July 08,2015

    The museum will NOT open on the upcoming Friday due to a penel discussion on the same evening. To make up for this, we will open on Saturday, the...

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  • MDK Panel Discussion - The left and the state

    July 07,2015

    MDK Panel Discussion // Friday, July 10th 2015 // 8pm // Admission free Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, in several European...

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  • Great Opening - Extended opening hours

    June 27,2015

    Yesterday we celebrated the opening of the museum of capitalism. Throughout the evening, more than 500 people visited the exhibition. We are amazed...

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  • The Museum of Capitalism is back

    June 02,2015

    The Museum of Capitalism comes back to Neukölln. We will open our second exhibition on the 26th June. We will cover a much bigger variety of topics...

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  • Spring, Sun, Capitalism

    April 11,2015

    The museum-group is working on the next exhibition. We will cover new topics and revise the existing content. Apart from this, everything remains the...

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